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We are a boiler installation and repair business that powers companies with boiler services and rentals. We currently have two locations, one in Ringgold, Georgia and one in Birmingham, Alabama. We love helping customers and look forward to impressing them with our outstanding customer service and great products!

New Sales

Premier Boiler and Combustion represents and works with many different quality boiler and boiler room equipment manufacturers so we can offer you the best boiler solution for your needs. We provide boiler solutions for steam, hot water and hot oil applications using condensing or non-condensing boilers, with firetube, watertube, or cast aluminum designs, firing natural gas, fuel oil, combination fuels, electric, solid fuel, or waste heat.

Annual Inspections

Premier Boiler and Combustion performs annual inspections. We open, inspect, brush and clean tubes. The door, hand hole gaskets, and the pressure relief valves are replaced at this time. Upon closing, hydro testing is performed, with any other requests the customer has on the water side. Safety checks are performed on the gas train and safeties involved with the controls. Next the combustion is checked and tuned for optimal performance. Let us take care of your annual needs.

Rental Boilers

Our mobile hot water boilers are available to rent and can be used in many applications. With our fast response times and the boiler's quick connects, Premier Boiler and Combustion can have your facility back up and running in no time. Our mobile boilers are designed and built to the highest quality standards and can be delivered to your site quickly and easily, requiring only the hook up of water, power, fuel, and steam piping.

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R-Stamp Repairs

Premier Boiler and Combustion maintains an R-Stamp certification through the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections. Our welders are ASME Code Certified, allowing us to perform NBIC Code repairs and alterations on boilers and pressure vessels. This includes welding, retubing, and more.

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