Premier Boiler and Combustion performs annual inspections.

We open, inspect, brush and clean tubes. The door, hand hole gaskets, and the pressure relief valves are replaced at this time. Upon closing, hydro testing is performed, with any other requests the customer has on the water side. Safety checks are performed on the gas train and safeties involved with the controls. Next the combustion is checked and tuned for optimal performance. Let us take care of your annual needs.

Many times due to age and the stresses related to a boiler the tubes at the tube sheets can start leaking. Premier Boiler and Combustion has the mechanical knowledge and correct certifications to make a repair on your pressure vessels.

Often a tube leak like this will occur due to age or poor chemical. Not only does Premier Boiler and Combustion have options to fit your budget to keep your process going, it also has the knowledge and certifications to make this type  of repair. We can handle welding in block off plates or a full boiler re-tube, with options for rentals while the repairs are being made with minimal downtime.

The deaerator is an integral part of the heating system. The DA removes oxygen from boiler feedwater before it enters the boiler. A properly functioning deaerator assures reliable and safe operation of the boilers in a facility. Proper maintenance procedures will assure safe and reliable operations of the DA. Inspections include: DA heater, safety valves, sight glasses, gauges, level control, mag particle testing.

Let us give you a quote and put your steam process back online.

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